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Spring:  April 1st to May 31st:  Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 1pm-5pm

Summer and Fall:  June 1st to November 1st:  Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm, Closed: Sunday


Hardiness Map

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American BittersweetAUTUMN REVOLUTION (FIRST EDITIONS) (Celastrus scandens 'Bailumn'):   Height: 15’-25’.  Full sun.  Unique in the world of bittersweet, 'Autumn Revolution' has a majority of flowers that are perfect, meaning that the flower has both male and female parts.  This means you only need one plant to in order to produce the fruit.  The berry size is larger than the typical bittersweet.  Glossy green leaves in summer turn yellow in fall.  Red-orange berries ripen in fall and hang on through the winter.  Growing zones 2 to 8. 


Our Clematis fall into one of two groups for trimming.  Group 2 Clematis have their first flowers produced from last seasons ripened stems.  In early spring look for swelling leaf buds, then cut all dead material off above this point.  Gently tie the remaining growth to the trellis.  Group 3 Clematis produce their flowers on new growth.  In early spring trim all dead material off above the uppermost swelling buds.

Ernest Markham ClematisERNEST MARKHAM:  Height: 8’-12’.  Full sun to part shade.  Magenta red 4”-6” flowers with gold anthers in early summer and again in late summer.  Prune in early spring removing dead and weak shoots and trimming the other shoots to 6 inches above the first good bud.  Well drained but moisture retentive soils.  Group 2.  Growing zones 4 to 8.  Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Henryi ClematisHENRYI:  Height:  10'-12'.  Full sun to part shade.  Large 6"-7" white flowers with purple violet to choclate brown anthers.  A very heavy bloomer.  Plant with red or purple clematis to add tremendous contrast in the garden.  Blooms in early summer and again in late summer. Group 2.   Growing zones 4 to 8.   Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

Fujimusume ClematisFUJIMUSUME CLEMATIS:  Height 6' -8'.  Full sun to part shade.  Large, single, slightly fragrant blossoms are produced twice a season.  A bit more compact than other varieties.  The photo at left shows Wil Goodwin, but the colors and flower structure is similiar.  Pruning group 2.  Growing zones 4 to 8.



Jackmanii ClematisJACKMANII SUPERBA:   Height: 8’-12’.  Full sun to part shade.  A long time favorite due to its vigorous growth and hardiness.  Solid deep purple 5”-6” flowers with prominent creamy yellow-white stamens.  Will flowering heavily in June, and again in September with sporadic flowering in-between.  Trim all shoots back in early spring to just above the base of the plant, or to the last living bud.  Well drained but moisture retentive soils.  Group 3.  Growing zones 4 to 8.



Dropmore HoneysuckleDROPMORE SCARLET:  (Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet')  Height: 10'-15'. Full sun to full shade.  A tall, fast growing deciduous vine with rounded green leaves and orange-scarlet tubular flowers from June through September.  A favorite of hummingbirds.  Tough and hardy.  Growing zones 3 to 8.   



Engelman IvyENGELMAN: (Parthenocissus quinquefolia var. engelmannii)  Height: 30'.  Full sun to full shade.  A cultivar of woodbine that can used to cover fences, buildings, pergolas, and trellises.  Will cling to brick and masonary.  Fast growing and rugged, the palmately shaped foliage is deep green throught the summer turning brilliant to deep red in fall.  Small blue fruits that are consumed by birds.  Most soils except wet  conditions.  Growing zones 3 to 9.



Kiwi FruitHARDY-FEMALE (Kiwi Kolomikta):  Full sun to part shade.  Height:  15'-20'.  A deciduous twining vine.  The female plant produces 1" long sweet smooth green fruit that resemble green grapes.   The female requires pollination from the male plant, so plant one male plant for every 2 female plants.  Plant one male and one female for fruit production.  Growing zones 4 to 8.  

Kiwi FoliageHARDY-MALE  (Kiwi Kolomikta):  Full sun to part shade.  Height 15'.  The male variety, Arctic Beauty, is sterile but required to set fruit on the female variety.  The male variety produces vibrant colored foliage with green, pink, and white variegated foliage, which is most colorful in full sun and when stressed slightly.  Withhold fertilizer from the male variety to create brighter foliage color.  Best on well drained soils.  Growing zones 4 to 8.