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Spring:  April 1st to May 31st:  Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 1pm-5pm

Summer and Fall:  Please call for details.


Gift CertificateGIFT CERTIFICATES:  We offer gift certificates in any amount, and they have no expiration date.  They are the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, Fathers Day, and any other occassion.  Stop in, or if you wish, we can mail it to you or we can mail the certificate directly to the individual you wish to receive it.  Simply call or stop in.    

LAWN FERTILIZER:  (FARMER BOB'S LAWN FERTILIZER)  This lawn fertilizer is specially formulated to provide outstanding results.  The formulation was introduced by Robert Schefers (Farmer Bob), and with his retirement he has allowed us to continue selling this formulation.  This fertilizer contains no herbicides, and uses a long lasting form of nitrogen to provide an outstanding period of deep green grass.  Available only with phosphorus.  50 pound bags cover 6,000 to 8,000 square feet.  This fertilizer was formerly sold as “Farmer Bob’s Lawn Fertilizer”.  (13-11-21-10).  

PELLETIZED LIME:  Available in 40 pound bags, pelletized lime can be applied in place of the first application of fertilizer in spring.  Some of our clients have requested lime, so we have a limited supply available.  Lime is used to raise the soil ph to maintain optimal growing conditions for your lawn.

FELCO PRUNING SHEARS:  Felco pruning shears are the highest quality shears for serious gardening.  These Swiss made shears feature replaceable blades of high quality steel that hold their edge.  Available in three models this year. 

Felco 2 PrunerThe Felco 2
is the original Felco pruner that is an excellent multi-purpose bypass cutting shears.  Features cast aluminum alloy handles with easy to grip covers, a groove for cutting wire, a cushion stop, and a replaceable blade.  For serious gardeners who want a shears that will last, and provide excellent performance for many years.  These are the shears we useRecommended for cutting branches up to 1" in diameter.

Felco 8 PrunerThe Felco 8 is an ergonomic re-design of the original Felco 2.  This bypass cutting shears features aluminum alloy handles with easy to grip covers, a groove for cutting wire, a cushion stop, and high quality replaceable blade.  Suitable for trimming branches up to 1" in diameter.  The handle shape/size make this shears easier to use for smaller hands. 

Felco 5 PrunerThe Felco 5 is the lowest cost Felco pruner we offer, but still offers tremendous value, with a cutting capacity of up to 1" branches.  The handles are made from stamped steel with easy grip covers, and features a thinner profile than the Felco 2 or Felco 8, but still uses the high quality replaceable blade found in other Felco pruners. 

Tree ProtectorTREE PROTECTORS:  Use these plastic sleeves to protect tree trunks from rodent damage and sun scald.  May be used on any tree, but use is encouraged on thin barked trees including:  Fruit trees, Maple, Mountain Ash, Flowering Crab, and Oak.  We remove these through the growing season to allow air to circulate around the tree trunk, and install in early fall.  Available in 2” diameter in 36” and 48” lengths, and 3” diameter with a 48” length.