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Shrub roses are easy to grow.  Choose a location with a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight and a well drained soil.  When watering, avoid getting the foliage wet, which can cause blighting of the leaves or black spot (both are leaf diseases).  If the roses are planted where they will be hit by a sprinkler system, water early in the morning (between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.), so the foliage will not stay wet for a long period of time, which only increases the chance of getting blight on the leaves.  Prune roses aggressively in early spring to remove any dead stems and to shape the plant.  After the rose blooms fade, the dead flowers can be trimmed, which will help to produce more flowers on subsequent blooms. Everblooming indicates a plant which will produce a continual period of flowering.  Recurrent bloom roses flower for 2-3 weeks, then take a 2-3 week rest without flowers, then repeat the bloom cycle again.  Through the growing season, you can expect about 3 bloom cycles.    

Above and Beyond RoseABOVE AND BEYOND (FIRST EDITIONS):  (Rosa 'ZLEEltonStrack'):  Height:  10'-14'.  Full sun.  A new large flowered climber with clusters of five or more flowers buds per stem opening to semi-double apricot flowers.  Heavy blooming in mid to late spring with sporadic repeat flowering in summer.  A prolific and dependable climber or free standing shrub for colder climates.  Best on well drained soils.  Recurrent bloom.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.


Campfire RoseCAMPFIRE (FIRST EDITIONS):  (Rosa 'CA 29'):  Height:  3', Width 2'-3'.  Full sun.  Buds of yellow and red tones open to semi-double yellow flowers edged in a deep rosy pink.  As the season progresses, the pink edging becomes more prominent.  Deep green glossy foliage has excellent disease resistance and the smooth stems have few short thorns.  Everblooming.  Growing zones 3 to 7. 

Champlain RoseCHAMPLAIN (Rosa ‘Champlain’)  Height: 3’, Width: 2’-3’.  Full sun to part shade.  An Explorer series rose with profuse clusters of dark velvety red blooms and dark green foliage.  This everblooming variety provides a continuous display of color all growing season.  May die back to the crown in winters with little snow cover, but will renew itself quickly in spring.  Growing zones 3 to 7.   

Cuthbert Grant RoseCUTHBERT GRANT (Rosa ‘Cuthbert Grant’) Height: 3’, Width: 2’.  Full sun to part shade.  A Parkland Series rose with rich deep red double flowers that resemble a tea rose.  The foliage is a light to medium green.  Will die to the crown in severe winters and regrow from the base.  A recurrent bloomer.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  

High Voltage RoseHIGH VOLTAGE (EASY ELEGANCE):  (Rosa 'BAIage'):  Height: 3'-5', Width: 3'.  Full sun.  Clusters of bright yellow blossoms are held high on sturdy canes.  Clean foliage contrasts nicely with the fragrant blooms.  The upright, vase shaped habit will help it stand out at the back of the border or as an accent plant.  Recurrent blooming.  Growing zones 4 to 9. 

Paint the Town RosePAINT THE TOWN (EASY ELEGANCE):  (Rosa 'BAItown'):  Height:  2'-3'.  Full sun.  Clusters of red hybrid tea-shaped blooms cover this rose from ground to tip.  Glossy deep green foliage contrasts nicely with the medium red blooms.  The spreading to mounded habit is well suited to the border and smaller spaces.  Growing zones 4 to 9.  Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

John Cabot RoseJOHN CABOT (Rosa 'John Cabot')  Height:  5'-9'.  Full Sun.  An Explorer series rose, this climbing shrub rose produces an abundance of fragrant fully double medium red blooms from early summer to frost.  Vigorous growing canes produce soft green foliage.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Morden Blush RoseMORDEN BLUSH (Rosa ‘Morden Blush’) Height: 2’-3’, Width: 2’-3’.  Full sun to part shade.  A floriferous Parkland Series rose with beautiful pointed buds of ivory-pink opening to sweetly fragrant light pink blushed creamy white flowers.  A recurrent bloomer.  Good hardieness on an upright rounded plant.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  

Morden Centennial RoseMORDEN CENTENNIAL (Rosa ‘Morden Centennial’) Height: 3’-5’, Width: 3’-4’.  Full sun to part shade.  Another Parkland Series rose with flushes of rich pink double flowers.  The  delicately scented flowers have an appearance similiar to a long stemmed rose.  This recurrent blooming rose produces flowers though the summer.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  

Prairie Joy RosePRAIRIE JOY  (Rosa 'Prairie Joy')  Height: 5'-6', Width: 5'-6'.  Full sun to part shade.  Bright pink, fully double lightly scented blossoms occur in small clusters of up to 6 flowers.  A recurrent bloomer that exhibits good disease resistance.  Long arching canes on a non-suckering plant.  Requires well drained soil.  Growing zones 3 to 8.    

William Baffin RoseWILLIAM BAFFIN (Rosa 'William Baffin')  Height:  8' - 10', Width: 3' -4', Full sun to part shade.  Starting in June, this climbing shrub rose produces strawberry pink double blossoms with stamens of bright yellow.  Flowers will be up to 4" across.  The most hardy climbing shrub rose you can plant.  Recurrent bloomer.  Growing zones 3 to 7. 


Rugosa roses are distinguished from other shrub roses by their heavy, dark green leaves and fragrant, informal flowers.  These tough, disease resistant roses are drought tolerant and heavily thorned.  Trim in spring to shape and control size, then trim after each set of flowers to encourage additional flowering.  

Dwarf Pavement RoseDWARF PAVEMENT ( Rosa ‘Dwarf Pavement’) Height: 2’-2 ½’, Width: 3’.  Full sun to part shade.  A tough, compact and dense shrub rose with fragrant, large, semi-double pink flowers and exceptional salt tolerance.  In fall scarlet red hips appear among the deep green foliage.  A recurrent bloomer.  Growing zones 3 to 7.  

Frau Dagmar Hartopp RoseFRAU DAGMAR HARTOPP  (Rosa 'Frau Dagmar Hartopp')  Height:  3'-4', Width: 5'.  Full sun to part shade.  Deep pink buds open to silvery pink single flowers with very good fragrance.  This everblooming variety forms a large mounded form with deep green disease resistant foliage. In fall red rose hips add additional color.  Growing zones 3 to 7.

Foxi Pavement RoseFOXI PAVEMENT (Rosa ‘UHLater’) Height: 2 ½’ – 4’, Width: 3’.  Full sun to part shade.  Also known as “Buffalo Gal’, this rugged and adaptable rose produces intensely fragrant clusters of deep lavender-pink.  Disease resistant glossy medium green foliage and dark red hips in fall.  A recurrent bloomer.  Growing zones 3 to 7.

John Cabot RoseJOHN CABOT  (Rosa 'John Cabot' )  Height:  5'-9', Width:  4'.  Full sun to part shade.  An Explorer series  climbing shrub rose with fragrant blooms from early summer until frost.  Flowers are listed as medium red, but can run the gamut from orchid pink to fuschia red.  A recurrent bloomer.  Requires a trellis or post for support.Growing zones 3 to 7.  Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Purple Pavement RosePURPLE PAVEMENT (Rosa ‘Rotesmeer’) Height: 4’-6’, Width: 5’-6’.  Full sun to part shade.  An exceptionally tough everblooming rose with disease resistant dark green foliage and fragrant purplish-red blooms.  Dark red rose hips appear in fall.  Produces a nicely rounded mound shaped plant without trimming.  Growing zones 3 to 7.    

Snow Pavement RoseSNOW PAVEMENT (Rosa 'Schneekoppe)  Height: 3'.  Full sun to part shade.  Pink flower buds open to white flowers that have a touch of pink blush.  Highly fragrant blooms are produced on dark green disease resistant foliage.  In autumn, large red rose hips are produced adding an additional element to the fall and winter garden.  Growing zones 3 to 7.

Theresa Bugnet RoseTHERESA BUGNET (Rosa ‘Therese Bugnet’) Height: 6’-7’, Width: 4’-5’.  Full sun to part shade.  An upright grower with clear mauve-pink highly fragrant flowers.  The gray-green foliage appears above near thornless stems of deep red that contrast nicely against winter snows.  A recurrent bloomer that is very hardy and tough.  Growing zones 3 to 7.