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The listed varieties are available potted for immediate pickup. 

Daylilies are durable, easy to grow plants that need at least 4 hours of direct sun to bloom well.  Daylilies are drought tolerant, but will do best in well drained fertile soils.  Everblooming varieties will rebloom better if the spent flower scapes (stems) are removed after they have finished flowering.  The plants can be cut down to the ground in fall after the foliage has frozen, or the dead foliage can be left until spring when it can simply be pulled away from the crown.  Semi-evergreen varieties may not fully die down, but have some foliage that remains green all winter.  Dormant varieties have foliage that will fully die down in the winter. 

Early season bloom: June, Mid season bloom: July, Late season bloom: August, Rebloom: Produces more than one period of flowers.  


We have many other varieites growing at the nursery than what is listed.  These varieties can be special ordered for spring or fall transplanting.  The best way to see all of the choices is to stop out in July at the peak of flowering and tour the nursery to see all of the varieties in full bloom. 


Apricot Sparkles DaylilyAPRICOT SPARKLES: Height: 15”, Flower size: 3”.  An everblooming dwarf selection with a sparkling diamond dusted (the petals appear to be sprinkled with glitter), deep apricot complete self.  A heavy bloomer from June through frost, this variety rivals Stella D'Oro for length of bloom.  A nice alternative to the yellow and gold everblooming varieties.  Developed Darrel Apps, the breeder of 'Happy Returns' and over 215 other daylily cultivars.  Dormant foliage.    


Black Eyed Stella DaylilyBLACK EYED STELLA:  Height: 18", Flower size: 3".  A reblooming daylily with a golden yellow self, dark red eyezone and a yellow gold throat.  Rebloom may not be as heavy as other reblooming varieities.  A strong grower which puts a twist on the more common Stella de 'Oro.  Dormant foliage.  


Happy Retrns DaylilyHAPPY RETURNS: Height: 18”, Flower size: 3”.  Canary yellow complete self.  A reblooming variety with brighter yellow flowers than Stella de Oro, this variety blooms from mid June until frost.  A fine choice where a bright yellow is preferred over gold.  Dormant foliage.  


Rosy Returns DaylilyROSY RETURNS: Height: 14”, Flower size: 4”.  An everblooming variety with rose-pink blooms, deep rose eyezone and a yellow throat.  Slower to begin flowering than other everblooming types, it blooms from July to frost.  A nice option to lighter colored everblooming daylilies.  Dormant foliage.  


Stella D'Oro DaylilySTELLA de ORO: Height: 15”, Flower size: 2.75”.  The world’s most popular daylily!  An everblooming variety with a bright gold complete self and mildly pie crusted petal edges.  Blooms from mid-June until frost.  An excellent choice for creating low borders and mass planting.  Dormant foliage.  



Always Afternoon DaylilyALWAYS AFTERNOON:  Height: 22", Flower size:  5.5".  Mauve self with mauve-purple eye and a green throat.  A midseason bloomer with nice form and unique color combination.  A semi-evergreen plant that acts as a dormant this far north. 


Black Eyed Susan DaylilyBLACK EYED SUSAN: Height: 28”, Flower size: 4.5”.  Every perennial garden should have at least one of these!  Rich yellow-orange self with a maroon eye.  Extremely high bud count and very long flowering.  A strong growing variety which develops rapidly into an impressive plant.  Dormant foliage.  A mid season bloomer.  

Carrot DaylilyCARROT:  Height:  25", Flower size:  5.5".  Large rounded blooms with true orange self and a subtle green throat.  Petals have lightly ruffled edges.  Flowers are held on strong scapes.  A dormant plant with a midseason bloom.  Contrasts well with yellows in the bak of the perennial garden.


Catherine Neal DaylilyCATHERINE NEAL:  Height:  30", Flower Size:  6".  Purple self with green throat.  A late season blooming daylily with a striking color combination that adds color to the late summer garden.  A dormant variety that is a good grower. 

Chicago Apache DaylilyCHICAGO APACHE:  Height:  27", Flower size 5".  Scarlet red flowers with a green throat.  A dormant daylily that blooms later than other varieites, adding color in the late summer.  A strong grower that is a must have if you like true red daylilies.


Creative Art DaylilyCREATIVE ART: Height: 16”, Flower size: 6”.  Beautifully formed light yellow flowers with a light green throat and petals of heavy substance.  A short variety that can be used in the front of the perennial garden.  Outstanding form and color that is underappreciated.  Mid season blooms on semi-evergreen foliage.  

Crown Royal DaylilyCROWN ROYAL: Height: 28”, Flower size: 6".  Royal purple flowers edged in white with a yellow-green throat.  Holds its color well even in high  temperatures.  An excellent choice for the perennial garden in a hard to find color.  An early to mid season bloomer with dormant foliage.    


Dominic DaylilyDOMINIC: Height: 30”, Flower size 5.5”.  A strong grower and prolific bloomer with deep maroon flowers and a yellow throat.  A very strong growing semi-evergreen type that acts as a dormant daylily.  Blooms early to mid season.  An excellent compliment to Black Eyed Susan daylily.  

Femme Osage DaylilyFEMME OSAGE:  Height:  25", Flower size: 6.5".  A beauty that is hard to capture in photos.  Melon self with green throat.  Petals are of heavy substance and display a small amount of diamond dusting (sparkle as though sprinkled wit fine glitter).  A midseason bloomer that deserves t be placed at the front of the garden where it can be appreciated.  Semi evergreen foliage.

French Tudor DaylilyFRENCH TUDOR:  Height:  28", Flower size:  6.5".  Rose pink self with a creamy pink watermark above a lemon yellow to green throat.  Triangular shaped flowers appear midseason.  A specimen variety that needs to viewed up close to appreciate the subtle colors and tones.  Semi-evergreen foliage.

Red Flag DaylilyRED FLAG: Height: 32”, Flower size: 9.25”.  One of the most unique daylilies we offer!  Very large spider type blossoms with bright red petals that are twisted and curved.  The centers of the petals are clear yellow.  A flower that draws tremendous attention in the garden.  A mid season bloomer with dormant foliage.    

Rocket City DaylilyROCKET CITY: Height:  28", Flower size: 5.5".  Brilliant orange self with darker orange eye and a yellow throat.  Truest orange of any of the daylilies we offer.  Makes an excellent addition to the back of the perenial border.  Blooms midseason on dormant foliage.

War March DaylilyWAR MARCH: Height: 30”, Flower size: 6”.  Burgundy red self with a golden yellow throat.  A vibrant and strong growing red daylily for earlier color in the daylily garden.  A strong grower. this mid season bloomer has semi-evergreen foliage, but acts as dormant daylily here in the north.   



Custard Candy DaylilyCUSTARD CANDY: Height: 24”, Flower size: 4.25”.  Creamy yellow flowers have a maroon band, yellow watermark and picotee edge and a green throat.  Flower form is perfectly round, scapes are strong and well branched.  A long flowering mid season variety with dormant foliage.    


Elegant Candy DaylilyELEGANT CANDY: Height: 25”, Flower size: 4.25”.  Totally sunfast, medium pink flowers have a trianglular red eye, yellow watermark, and a green throat.  Well branched scapes produce very high numbers of flowers in mid season.  The flower shape is nearly perfect, well balanced and symetrical.  Dormant foliage.      

Siloam Peony Display DaylilySILOAM PEONY DISPLAY:  Height: 18", Flower size 6".  Apricot self with rose eyezone above a greent throat.  A fully double daylily with the appearance of a peony!  Very late blooming, often with flowers in September.    A must have for serious daylily fanatics!  Dormant foliage.